Anubi - Beware Of God (LB024)


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God ANUBI is mad like never before and you should prepare your souls.

Are you ready for the second coming? We don’t think so.

Anubi: Twitter - Facebook - Soundcloud - Official Site


Sine - Acid Acid (LB023)


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Italian rap-beats legend Sine One drops Acid Acid a 90’s nostalgic-acid-bass-banger.

Ravers from the past will love it, ravers from the present will be mind blown!

Sine: Twitter - Facebook - Soundcloud


L/S/D (LuckyBeard, Stabber, DIGI) - UaU (LB022)


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L/S/D is a music triangle formed by LuckyBeard, Stabber and DIGI and UaU is the first experiment under this name.

Try something different from L/S/D.




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Lucky Beard Rec is glad to announce that DIGI is back from Africa with his brand new IVORY EP

Ride the elephants and grab your copy!!

DIGI: Twitter - Facebook - Soundcloud


LuckyBeard - Descending Love (LB020)


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Lucky Beard Rec celebrates the 20th release with Descending Love  from LuckyBeard himself: a drums-drama for modern lovers. 

LuckyBeard - Descending Love, in stores now!

Lucky Beard Rec: Twitter - Facebook


Stabber - Mind Reloader EP (LB019)


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One year ago the This Torsion EP was released and everybody played it. Now, our Italian Stallion, Stabber is back with a new set of weapons: the Mind Reloader EP. Distorted subs, hardcore stabs, unusual synths, brass and crunchy drums are the elements you need to reload your mind and let it blow! Enjoy your journey proudly provided by Lucky Beard Rec basslines.

Stabber - Mind Reloader EP: in stores now!

Stabber: Twitter  - Facebook - Soundcloud


Natlek - Paki Beers EP (LB018)


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Seat back, relax and take 3 cold Paki Beers served from our Italian kid Natlek. Crazy drums patterns and extra bass lines are the main ingredient of this huge EP. Get ready for an alcoholic sound clash proudly provided by the Lucky Beard Rec famiglia.

Natlek - Paki Beers EP is out right the f**k now!

Natlek: Twitter - Facebook - Soundcloud - Tumbler


Happy Easter from Bombaman

Sub bass weird noise “music” straight from BOMBAMAN 



Distal - Rings EP (LB017)


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Distal is an already established 28-year-old veteran of Electronic music from Atlanta (USA). Forgetting bpm and genre to the masses, he relies only on his signature sound alone to leave its mark. He produces a wide array of moods, tempos and rhythms, often taking influences from his early childhood love of techno, jungle and hardcore.  This is the reason why he is releasing Rings EP on Lucky Beard Rec. 

Rings EP is pure WEIRDO-BASS stuff so go and get it!

Distal: Twitter - Facebook - Soundcloud - Tumbler


Zero Cash - Oh Shit! EP (LB016)


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Long time producer, Zero Cash was only sweet 14  when he decided to dedicate his life to electronic music. First productions were made at his fathers computer using old-school tracker programs, before he equipped his studio with his first synths and drum computers.

Today Zero Cash drops his first release on Lucky Beard Rec.

Have a listen and buy your copy of the Oh Shit! EP.

Zero Cash: Twitter - Facebook - Soundcloud